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247 Topographical Skills Training

247 Airport Transfer is a minicab company that was established in 2010. We operate our services under the full license offered by the Public Carriage Office and in only a couple of years, we managed to become one of the best known and most professional taxi companies in London. In our third year of existence, we have decided that it is time to move up one more level and we have directed our attention to training drivers.

We are here to change this. The 247 Topographical Skills Training was founded so as to improve the quality of taxi transfers in the Capital and to train not only the future 247 Airport Transfer drivers, but also the drivers belonging to other minicab companies. The centre provides full quality services, including the training that will help you acquire the necessary information for passing the examination. Our qualitative and affordable service is provided in a relaxed, tranquil and suitable environment, so you won’t be disturbed by any noise or other distractions during the evaluation or the training.

We’ve designed this place especially for you, the one who is reading this and wanting to become a minicab driver. So, choose to apply and take the test with a proficient, fully licensed, well – intentioned and first-class company. It will represent the first step for your future career.


Let 247 Topographical Skills Training be your guide